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New Drilling Tools of Walter  Email
Thứ bảy, 27 Tháng 2 2010 07:15

X·treme DM20 and DM25,X·treme Pilot:

Walter Titex X·treme DM20 and DM25, solid carbide micro high performance drill with internal cooling

- Optimised flute geometry for reliable chip removal for small diameters and large drilling depths

- high level of process reliability without pecking

- much greater productivity in comparison to HSS drilling and reaming tools, single lip drills, and solid carbide drills with pecking



X·treme D8 and D12: Walter Titex X·treme D8 and D12 – the new dimension in drilling depths 8 x d und 12 x d

- drilling without pecking down to a drilling depth of 12 x d

- optimum alignment and excellent surface finish on the component thanks to matched arrangement of 4 lands

- 50–100 % higher productivity in comparison to conventional solid carbide drills thanks to the use of high cutting parameters

- maximum process reliability thanks to reliable chip evacuation


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